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What Living next to A 5G Cell Tower is Really Like - 5G Health Benefits

Due to the large amounts of false information this article aims to help mothers who are living near a 5G tower and offer some support on what to do if they are experiencing dizziness, headaches, insomnia or just want to know more information about the 5G frequency system.

A short explanation from a certified electromagnetic radiation specialist from Australia.

Complaining About 5G

Lets start off by offering you some options about how to complain. You can fill out the complaints from with the telecommunications ombudsmen here -

Another step you could take is complaint to you local government/ Council. You can find their contact details online here -

If you live in a strata plan/block of units and are experiencing issues you can raise this issue with fair trading here-

Next you can write your Strata manager an email. You can find the strata managers email in any correspondence you receive from them as a unit owner. Otherwise, their contact details are usually somewhere around the building.

Now that we have the methods of complaining uncovered (As they are almost impossible to find otherwise).

Lets talk about what a 5G tower is and what is isn't.

What are 5G Cell Towers and How Do They Work?

5G towers are telecommunications sites capable of transmitting 5G “New Radio” signals for wide-area coverage. They are typically 50 to 200 feet tall and designed to blend into the natural environment to limit the aesthetic impact.

5G cell towers use a combination of low, mid, and high-frequency bands for various connectivity use cases. For example, macrocell antennas can be installed on towers to efficiently deliver low-frequency cellular coverage to millions of devices over a large region. Low-band 5G can travel far distances and penetrate walls, windows, and other physical barriers.

In Theory what should 5G towers achieve?

The need to provide seamless wireless connectivity at ultra-fast speed for millions of devices has caused 4G to reach maximum capacity. A new form of connectivity is needed to meet the evolved needs of mobile users and to satiate society’s new digital content consumption habits.

This is where 5G cell towers come into play.

5G will provide faster speeds, greater capacity, ultra-low latency, and better support for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. However, mobile users can’t experience full 5G capabilities until there is a comprehensive network of new and upgraded 5G cell towers.

Due to the rising need for new cellular infrastructure, here is everything tower owners and mobile network operators need to know about 5G cell towers to get ahead of the competition by proactively expanding or upgrading their current tower network.

In Practice what do 5G towers achieve?

St Vesti has personally encountered individuals including our team who have slower internet as part of the "5G tower upgrade" that occurred in our local area in NSW.

5G latency is ridiculously slow and caused delayed speeds when gaming and loading content. Reaching a staggering 374ms delay.

Upload speed is particularly hindered dropping to 1.5mbps.

Besides the obvious slower internet the connection now drops out frequently. Yes, that's right. Living right under a new 5G tower and the interest connection drops out frequently every day. The internet is slower, the latency is slower and the worst part if the above isn't enough the 5G tower makes a humming sound.

Humming noise from your local 5G tower?

Would you even think that it would be possible to come home after a hard days work only to hear hmm 24/7? Would you believe that the scientific evidence is inconclusive on the effects of 5G radiation? Do you think that the government would roll out 5G prior to the NBN system being rolled out successfully across NSW?

What about this. Would you believe that this low frequency noise is "normal" ? Lack of sleep and migraines are just made up? Even though they began when the tower arrived?

Yeah, I wouldn't believe it either. For some reason some search engines more than others seem to make it extremely difficult to find medical studies that measures things like cell deformation and prolonged exposed to low frequency radiation.

The rise of cancer and the advise to not sleep next to your phone.

So its unsafe for me to sleep next to my phone. But it is safe for me to sleep next to a wave transmitter.

Thank you Melbourne scientist for your help "All the evidence suggests it's safe, but as a scientist you always have to keep an open mind."

Thank you for always having an "Open mind" to being wrong.

Support and resources

At St Vesti we endeavor to help mothers look and Feel amazing. In our experience and those of our loved ones 5G towers right above out heads don't help with human flourishing.

If you have an experience you would like to share. Reach out to us at and share your story.

Want Further Resources?

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If you want to reach out feel free to through our Contact us page. If you need support we will help you as much as we can, or will refer you where to look for further support and resources.

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