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Sound of Freedom: A Mothers Review - Australian Edition

Sound of Freedom is a true story film that exposes the darkness of child trafficking. A federal agent saves a boy from traffickers, but his sister is still captive. He embarks on a dangerous mission, risking his life to free her from a fate worse than death.

What is the Sound of Freedom movie

You can watch the trailer here at

The Sound of Freedom stars Jim Caviezel, Oscar-winning actress Mira Sorvino (Mighty Aphrodite), and Bill Camp (Dark Waters). Released earlier this month on July 4th, the film has grossed an incredible $85 million in less than two weeks, surpassing its $14.5 million budget. The Sound of Freedom box office has been stunning.

Directed by Alejandro Gómez Monteverde and written by Rob Barr, the movie has been a surprising hit with both audiences and critics.

As we mentioned above, Jim Caviezel, known for his roles in The Passion of the Christ and The Thin Red Line, stars in Sound of Freedom. He plays Tim Ballard, a former federal agent who takes it upon himself to combat child traffickers. Distributed by Angel Studios, the synopsis reads:

“Sound of Freedom, based on the incredible true story, shines a light on even the darkest of places. After rescuing a young boy from ruthless child traffickers, a federal agent learns the boy’s sister is still captive and decides to embark on a dangerous mission to save her. With time running out, he quits his job and journeys deep into the Colombian jungle, putting his life on the line to free her from a fate worse than death.”

The 5 year wait/delay of the Movie Release

Sound of Freedom experienced a delay, and two stories surround the reasons behind it. In one account, Jim Caviezel, the film’s star, explains in a post-credit message that the film was held back to maximize its distribution and raise awareness about child sex trafficking.

“We hope Sound of Freedom will be the Uncle Tom’s Cabin of 21st-century slavery. He added, “We believe this movie has the power to be a huge step toward ending child trafficking.”

Another describes the movie had fallen into cinema purgatory after one studio absorbed another. However, after completing the film in 2018, it was shelved by the Walt Disney Company. Following Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox, Sound of Freedom was pulled from distribution.

Eventually, the filmmakers repurchased the rights to Sound of Freedom and distributed the movie through Angel Studios.

Who is Angle Studies?

Angel Studios is a values-based company, as it is behind a number of movies and shows that are motivated by the virtues expressed in the bible.

Angel Studios is a curated, free streaming platform offering exceptional movies, shows, and documentaries for all ages. Enjoy unlimited access to their award-winning entertainment.

Angel Studios: Stream Free, Original Shows for the Whole

Should I join the fight to end child trafficking?

Seeing the film is the first step in spreading awareness about child trafficking. Get tickets if you have not yet seen Sound of Freedom. If you can't pay for your tickets, you can get free ticketsthanks to the generosity of others (If you're from the USA).

Consider Paying it Forward to allow others to watch it for free and join a historical movement to promote stories that amplify light.

Visit to read more about how you can join the fight to end child trafficking.

The biggest and most effective thing you can do is pray and get right with God. Then instead of contributing in someway to evil, contribute in someway to good. Really its as simple as that. Get yourself well and find a good spiritual director (Priest) and they'll guide you in the rest.

What the St Vesti Team thought about the movie?

As parents with children the sound of freedom made us feel horrified and hopeful. horrified at the lowness men and women will steep to for their passions but hopeful at men like Tim Ballard you knew what was right and did it.

By now, this far into the article you know that the sound of freedom had to cross a lot of hurdles just to get in front of your eyeballs. This movies took the St Vesti team on an emotional roller coster, with very low lows, and higher highs, better than just about any other movie can do.

The movie itself was made really well, the story was not hard to follow and Jim Cavil played Tim Ballard amazingly well. I was taken aback when listening to interviews that Tim and Jim had done about the movie and if you want to learn more I can point you in the right direction.

The first link is a discussion with Jordan Peterson. The second link is a discussion with the Heritage foundation.

The Fight Against Worldwide Child Slavery & the Sex Trade | Jim Caviezel and Tim Ballard | EP 372

Sound of Freedom: Full Discussion with Jim Caviezel & Tim Ballard on Human Trafficking

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